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Sponge Squeeze Rack. (Made in Japan: Tsubame city)

Keep your hands from getting bubbles on them by using the rack to squeeze the sponge.
The rack width can be adjusted to match the thickness of the sponge.

Sponge squeeze rack
Japanese patented (Patent No. 6651145).
US patented (US10,463,185 B2).
Korean patented (제 10-2009603호).
EU patent pending.

Cases for Usage

  • When you would get bubbles on your hands when squeezing the sponge after using it.
  • When there is no place to put the sponge.
  • When needing to keep the sponge from resting on the sink so it doesn't get moldy.
  • In order to use a sponge sanitarily for long-term.

In such cases, please try the Sponge Squeeze Rack!